Cammo? You Betcha!

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With ‘friends’ like this…

It’s been bloggingly quiet of late on the Tekkie/arkie front. The only ray of entertaining sunshine for me was watching Paul Barford’s beloved Artefact Erosion Counter (AEC) being once again put through the mangle and seeing the Council for British Archaeology’s Mike Heyworth on the receiving end of Barford’s ardour – and no tongues either!!!  Ho, ho! Continue reading

Bah! Humbug!

Is it any wonder he’s  the butt of so many Tekkies’ and arkies’ jokes? Is it any wonder his fringe cadre of like-minded detector-averse buffoons take him seriously (well almost)? Though I’m loathe to give him, or his vile blog, the oxygen of publicity, there comes a time when his absurdity deserves wider recognition.

My thanks to the reader who saw this gem on the Tekkie/PAS-hating Paul Barford’s piss-awful blog : – Continue reading

Swedish Tekkies on the march… …Archaeological Fascism – Stamp it out NOW!

It’s not often you’ll see a vote of thanks on here from me to an undistinguished anti-metal detecting heritologist, but, over on a certain pisspoor blog, its perpetrator details a petition Swedish metal detectorist are formulating – much to the outrage of the usual suspects – is now gaining glorious momentum by the hour. To find out why some heritage halfwits are frothing at the gob, pop over to:-

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