…is defined as pretence, duplicity, two-facedness, falseness, and double standards and if you were mining for it then Paul Barford’s pisspoor PACHI blog is as good a place as any to start digging. Continue reading


Pastures New? Keep off the Grass!

Legendary Quarterback Joe Namath when asked whether he preferred grass or Astro-turf, replied, “Dunno, I’ve never smoked Astro-turf.” Most Tekkies probably prefer grass – of the pasture kind I hasten to add – but there’s considerable confusion over the issue.

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Knowledge loss…by neglect

I recently stumbled across a bizarre idea; one sermonised by archaeology’s evangelical wing that comes with just a whiff of burning martyr : –

“…it is better to leave objects and other evidence in the ground where it has been lying safely for hundreds or thousands of years. Here it remains safe for future generations to investigate with better techniques and with better-informed questions to ask.” Continue reading

Hey! You! Pay attention at the back of the class!


There be  gold in them thar wet sands!

What I’ve been saying for years about one aspect of beachcombing with a metal detector has morphed into something of a ‘soapbox’ of mine. Many devotees of our great leisure pursuit, including a few who ought to know better, still cling to that load of old cojones that salt, when wet, affects the performance of a metal detector. IT DOES NOT. IT NEVER HAS. IT NEVER WILL! Comprende? Great, because it’s not up for negotiation Continue reading

Shysters Inc.

That ragged mantle of ‘crusading holier-than-thou self-righteousness’ in which the sermonising self-styled heritage élite wrap themselves, camouflages a deep-rooted malevolence towards collectors, numismatists, and detectorists. It’s the kind dogma that no balanced heritage professional would touch with a bargepole. Continue reading