‘Aching’ for treasure?

Some say that there’s no future in getting old and they’re not far off the mark, but age is no bar to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle evidenced by those sturdy 90-yr olds who run Marathons. Indeed, I know man who enjoys regular sex at 78; mind you he lives at number 72. Continue reading


Coastal coins

One of coastal hunting’s great pleasures is – for me at least – searching the remoter stretches for sites where coins and other artefacts wash ashore. Intriguingly, you’ll never know precisely what’s coming your way and identifying artefacts, especially coins, can be a nightmare.  But help is at hand.

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Kismet, Hardy, et al.

Oh, how I’m loving this. It’s truly gratifying, heart-warming even, for an old sceptic like me, watching the anti-detecting brigade’s  turd polishers in full panic mode. Here they are rushing about  like headless chickens  trying to burnish both the heavily tarnished ersatz data that is Heritage Action’s widely censured ‘Artefact Erosion Counter,’ and Dr Sam Hardy’s laughable, academically slammed, anti-metal detecting research Paper.  The  fox of truth is running wild in the  henhouse of bullshit. *Update

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There are two ways of lying. One, by not telling the truth and the other, making up statistics.

So said Josefina Vazquez Mota. Nevertheless, some in the anti-collecting/detecting posse are undeniably skilled claptrap merchants who rarely cease trying – albeit unsuccessfully – to pass off synthetic data as serious stuff when it’s simply 24-carat conjecture usually of their own making. Imagine my delight when an international team of six eminent and distinguished academics impressively demolished Sam Hardy’s anti-metal detecting Research Paper.

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Dump it or Sell it?


Waste-bin Fodder?

Britain’s archaeologists are dumping tens of thousands of unrecorded finds; pottery fragments; flint tools; medieval coins; for no better reason – they claim –  than a lack of proper storage facilities. This deplorable situation was first revealed back in June 2016, by  Patrick Sawer, the Daily Telegraph’s Senior Reporter.

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