“…a window dressing exercise in cynicism or it’s a masterpiece of incompetence.”

Now it’s ‘fake science’

The more dedicated purveyors of ‘fake’ news in the anti-collecting/detecting camp got a sharp shock by a damming report from the influential US Committee for Cultural Policy (CfCP), the content of which reinforces the facts that dealers and collectors are not the heritage villains some in the heritage circus working to private anti-collecting agendas would have the world believe. Now the rabble-rousing street-corner vendors have moved on to ‘fake’ or ‘bogus’ science, led by a couple of loutish, anti-metal detecting no-nothings, in what bears all the hallmarks of a face-saving exercise to breathe life into the corpse of conjecture (read here, fake science).

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When in Doubt – ASK!

There’s a stretch of beach close to me with a pebble and sandstone reef of such ferrous intensity that there’s hardly a metal detector able to cope with the conditions. The reef is a natural coin, relic, and jewellery trap that ensnares these items as they wash ashore on the Flood Tide; tantalisingly, a 17th century wreck lies close inshore.

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An Unpalatable Truth


“Of all the treasures found in the ground, fewer than 5% are discovered by professional archaeologists. More than 90% are unearthed by amateur treasure hunters armed with metal detectors – devices originally devised for hunting down landmines,” wrote Laurence Cawley, on the BBC News website in 2016.

‘Porky pies’ come in all shapes and sizes though Lawrence Cawley’s piece ain’t one of ‘em.

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Trends & Traitors

I am raising a glass to you all as I write…Cheers! Good health and good fortune in 2018! This year has been a good one for the hobby, especially here in the UK, where reported treasure finds have increased, contributing enormously  to the common heritage, proven by official figures recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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