You wouldn’t buy a used car from these a$$holes

locust       Bobble-hatted locusts 

When these two-legged insects don their woolly hats and sally forth over private land – posing as harmless eccentrics – to hoover-up ‘must-have’ flint tools and pottery shards it’s normally nothing less than a carefully camouflaged artefact feeding-frenzy. Continue reading

Squealing Like Stuck Pigs – Again!!!

Now this is great. Two of our ‘opponents’ are trying to scratch each other’s eyes out. It’s a real catfight. British Archaeology the Council for British Archaeology’s in-house rag is dissing one of Heritage Journal’s (HJ) favourite causes in much the same way that HJ slags-off the National Trust; the CBA; English Heritage; detectorists; the PAS and a variety of other worthies. Continue reading

Knowledge loss…by neglect

I recently stumbled across a bizarre idea; one sermonised by archaeology’s evangelical wing that comes with just a whiff of burning martyr : –

“…it is better to leave objects and other evidence in the ground where it has been lying safely for hundreds or thousands of years. Here it remains safe for future generations to investigate with better techniques and with better-informed questions to ask.” Continue reading