About John Howland

I enjoy reading most archaeologists' obits with the same fervour that many of them wait to read mine. Retired editor; but still an active treasure hunter and collector.

Impecunious lambs crying wolf

There’s a brace of fruitcake heritage bloggers who always remind me of  a couple of unemployed clowns looking of a circus. Now that Sam Hardy’s ‘Research Paper ‘ (so-called) has gone the way of all flesh, they’re both on the hunt again and schmoozing with a ‘three-ringer’ in the shape of RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust, a Buddy-can-ya-spare-a-dime outfit. Continue reading


One man’s treasure hunter is another man’s…treasure hunter?

Treasure seekers and archaeologists come in all shapes, sizes, and guises; some see themselves as higher mortals opting for that thin veneer of BS masquerading as ethically correct (ethics?! Depends on whose).Whatever their pretensions, there’s a particular Mother Lode they’d all like to get their mitts on…and it’s still out there…somewhere. Waiting. Better it’s found by a dyed-in-the-wool treasure hunter methinks, rather than some po-faced arkie. Continue reading


The virulent anti-detectorist and anti-PAS campaigner Paul Barford asks on his pisspoor cliché-ridden blog whether we – presumably the Royal ‘We’ – have the right to know what’s really happening to our archaeological heritage under the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s watch.

Continue reading