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As Star Trek’s Dr ‘Bones’ McCoy might have put it…“It’s Detecting Jim, but not as we know it…”

To avoid any hint of bias, I have to declare an interest; Jim Fielding is both pal of mine and a top notch, long-time Tekkie who began his detecting career in the dim and distant – back when Long John Silver had only an egg of his shoulder. This guy knows which way is ‘up’ or, as we say over here; he knows his onions. Added to which he pens a damn good blog with packed with valuable hints and tips and his latest article, Impatient Detecting – The Killer of Finds is no exception.

Certainly, some readers will identify with the thrust of his piece after realising error of their detecting ways. Most of us will know someone who fits Jim’s particular description of a ‘racer.’ I certainly do. There’s a Tekkie who appears now and again on my local beaches who’s detecting speed is just a tad short of a sprint and who swings the searchcoil at mid-calf height above the sand. “Any luck?” I once asked him. “Nah, the beach is clean. Too many at it nowadays. Waste of time mate.” I nodded in agreement; for him it was a waste of time. And off he sprinted, swinging like a demented scythe.

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To the Ridiculous…

Kismet Hardy?

“Then you get clowns like the “Ixelles Six’ going through all sorts of shameful pseudo-academic contortions to even deny there is a problem“ opined self-appointed  archaeological guru and  Warsaw (Poland) resident, Paul Barford on his pisspoor ‘blog’. Nothing extraordinary here; simply Barford being Barford. A bit like the know-nothing apprentice ‘dissing’ the Master.

The “Ixelles Six” is Barford’s oft-used pejorative term – a sort of literary foreplay  prior to piling scorn, derision, and name-calling on a team of six international heritage scholars. Why? Simply because they peer-reviewed his BFF Dr Sam Hardy’s, anti-metal detecting ‘Research’ Paper’ and  promptly and rightly  tore  it to shreds. The ‘Six’ drew attention to amongst other things, Hardy’s pisspoor research which stood out like a black eye at a church supper.

Nevertheless, the detector-hating Barford who a serially bad-mouths the UK’s internationally respected Portable Antiquities Scheme, clings to Hardy’s sullied ‘work’ like a drowning man to a straw, or, as the vernacular of the obscene has it; like sh*t to a blanket.

Hardy’s “shameful pseudo-academic contortions” in the form of his now tarnished ‘Paper’ did more damage to his own academic reputation allegedly, than it ever did to detectorists. Nonetheless, for Barford it came as manna from Heaven; and he still tries to do a Lazarus job on the fetid corpse of Hardy’s nonsense. What a klutz.

The end result? For sure it ain’t the “Ixelles Six” who are clowns in this particular cameo.



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