A Hands-Off Blog?

The absurdity of the anti-collecting propaganda prolific in heritology’s wackier circles blossoms in the fertile dirt of institutionalised pomposity. Two years ago this absurdity manifested itself when the Heritage Journal, an online blog, offered a up a country where mutilation, crucifixion, public execution, and lashings are fundamental to its justice system as an example for the UK to follow in relation to heritage matters. 

The writer’s naivety and poor research is unsurprising given the blog on which it featured where truth and accuracy rarely sully its pages.

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One for the Diary

The Rodney Cook Charity Dig Weekend 2019 is aiming this year to raise over 32K for cancer research. In previous years it has dropped many thousands of pounds into cancer’s coffers thanks to the unstinting generosity of Britain’s detectorists. Continue reading