With ‘friends’ like this…

It’s been bloggingly quiet of late on the Tekkie/arkie front. The only ray of entertaining sunshine for me was watching Paul Barford’s beloved Artefact Erosion Counter (AEC) being once again put through the mangle and seeing the Council for British Archaeology’s Mike Heyworth on the receiving end of Barford’s ardour – and no tongues either!!!  Ho, ho!

Doubtless some will remember Heyworth’s eagerness to climb aboard Barford’s jokey AEC bandwagon as being in some way archaeologically kosher. Seemingly oblivious to the crucial fact that the AEC data was entirely fact-free; 24-carat cod data dreamt-up by the AEC’s propagandist architects (Messrs Barford and Swift). Whether Heyworth knew it was all tosh before jumping in with both feet, he nevertheless took the leap and very unwisely I thought, committed his support. The result of that colossal clanger is…writ large.

Repaying Heyworth’s support, Barford, now writes : –

“The British Portable Antiquities Scheme and Council for British Archaeology and most of the archaeological community as a whole – in my conviction completely wrongly, and damagingly – actively promote Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record as ‘Citizen archaeology’/’Archaeology for All’ respectively.”

Then driving the knife further in to Heyworth’s back while simultaneously demonstrating his own slender grasp of heritage reality ‘Barfy’ bitchily writes : –

“ The Council for British Archaeology would probably shy away from ever engaging in anything that smacks of controversy over artefact hunting. They generally do.”

So there you have it, straight from the horses gob. One wonders what the CBA’s Patron – His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, and Heir to the British Throne, makes of ‘Barfy’s “conviction.” Not much I imagine, nor do I presume that, “most of the archaeological community as a whole,” are over-impressed.

Doubtless ‘Barfy’ doesn’t realise that he’s done us Tekkies a great service; by instantly raising doubts and concerns amongst those few in the archaeological community still tempted to support his – dare I say – loutish, rabid, bizarre, ‘almost anti-everything’ kiddy rants and scribblings.

I can’t help sitting back and having a chuckle at Heyworth’s naivety. Seems that backstabbing is an unfortunate archaeological trait. Why he allowed himself to be sucked in by someone who’s not widely known as archaeologically distinguished, remains a mystery. Then again, if Heyworth can’t take a joke he shouldn’t have joined!! It’s all self-inflicted.

Barford spit-roasted
Oh, this is great.
Even now, the zloty is finally dropping as dual-nationality Barford seems to be having second thoughts about the veracity AEC’s data; writing that,

“Even if Hardy’s figures were a vast over estimate, and ours too, …” [That’s Sam Hardy, whose pisspoor Paper into metal detecting was so comprehensively and academically trashed].

The poor old duffer’s having a hard time on Facebook and deservedly so, what with being recently and comprehensibly kebabbed by someone challenging his ludicrous, fictional assumption that squillions of artefacts found by Tekkies go unrecorded. In twenty-two words he was asked : –

“I still don’t understand. If it’s unreported material, disappearing unrecorded, and not in the [PAS] database, how do they know it’s ever existed?”

Barford’s reply took 1,100 words of the usual supercilious, fact-free, bluff and bluster. Yes, it was a reply (of sorts), but not an answer falling well short. Yep, once again he’d been right royally shafted. He’s fast becoming a caricature of himself. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

So, little  change there then.

Doubles all round!

Happy New Year.



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