The ‘fake news’ wallahs exposed….again!

The Guardian’s online news of the 11 December under the headline, ‘Forgotten statue kept in a margarine tub is 2,000-year-old treasure’ was as informative as it was revealing.

It reported that in 2017 nearly 78,000 archaeological objects, some of which were ‘treasure’, were recorded voluntarily with the portable antiquities scheme of which 93% came via detectorists. The Guardian report also revealed that the highest number of the 78,000 reported finds were discovered in Norfolk, Lincolnshire, and Suffolk.

The head of portable antiquities and treasure at the British Museum, Michael Lewis, is reported in the same article; “There was an idea that metal detecting was all about finding things for financial gain and ruining archaeology,” and that nevertheless over the years, Lewis is reported as saying, it has been realised that there are a lot of people interested in the past, quite happy for the objects to go in to museums. “We’re still on a journey,” Lewis says, ”don’t get me wrong, it is very important that the right people are doing metal detecting.”

The Guardian article also reported that the Heritage Minister, Michael Ellis, welcomed finds made by metal detectorists and announced a further consultation on how the system could be improved.

The future of the UK’s Portable Antiquities Scheme looks even brighter despite the fact-free reports spread by the usual ‘fake news’ vendors here in the UK and in Poland – that the PAS is sunk  after Brexit, or, to use Warsaw Wally’s archaeological lexicon – absolute “bollocks.”

All of which makes the likes of the loathsome anti-PAS/Detectorist campaigners, Heritage Harry, and his equally offensive protégé, the idiotic Warsaw Wally, along with others of their despotic ilk, look out-of-touch-with-reality buffoons.

He, he, he, guffaw, guffaw.


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