Official! – Tekkies make huge contribution to the past

Yet again, the UK’s metal detectorists get the thumbs-up from officialdom. Recently released official figures show that the average payment to finders of Treasure amounts to £2,671 each. Continue reading


Bah! Humbug!

Is it any wonder he’s  the butt of so many Tekkies’ and arkies’ jokes? Is it any wonder his fringe cadre of like-minded detector-averse buffoons take him seriously (well almost)? Though I’m loathe to give him, or his vile blog, the oxygen of publicity, there comes a time when his absurdity deserves wider recognition.

My thanks to the reader who saw this gem on the Tekkie/PAS-hating Paul Barford’s piss-awful blog : – Continue reading

Swedish Tekkies on the march… …Archaeological Fascism – Stamp it out NOW!

It’s not often you’ll see a vote of thanks on here from me to an undistinguished anti-metal detecting heritologist, but, over on a certain pisspoor blog, its perpetrator details a petition Swedish metal detectorist are formulating – much to the outrage of the usual suspects – is now gaining glorious momentum by the hour. To find out why some heritage halfwits are frothing at the gob, pop over to:-

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