The virulent anti-detectorist and anti-PAS campaigner Paul Barford asks on his pisspoor cliché-ridden blog whether we – presumably the Royal ‘We’ – have the right to know what’s really happening to our archaeological heritage under the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s watch.

Well, yes we do and the answers are there for all to see, in plain sight, on the PAS’ website…really. How could the silly old duffer have missed them? They are writ LARGE.

Equally, by the same terms as he requires the PAS to answer his questions then we, that’s you, me, and the rest of the collecting world are eager for him to answer some of ours:-

Why he allegedly cut short his university course?

What credentials if any, qualify him as a heritage polymath?

How come no-one in the Slavic world had the nous to write a book on their own history?

Why him?

Who he?

Indeed, does he  possess the archaeological acumen of say, a Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Officer, or perhaps that of a member of the distinguished international team of archaeology experts who effortlessly demolished his mate Sam Hardy’s “crap” Research Paper about metal detecting?



2 thoughts on “????????

  1. Remember to used the “more” thing….it will make subscribers GO to your site. If you don’t they just read it in the email and move on. I would also add a link to Barford blog where he states what you mention. I know you don’t like to do that but it will explain better what you’re talking about. JMO.


    • Yep, done it! Thanks. Won’t bother with a link to Wally’s blog, he’s advertising D&C voluntarily and am getting more ‘hits’ thanks to him. What a nice man for supporting this blog and the hobby.


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