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In 1986 during the Cold War, a Russian Commissar and a Polish archaeologist are excavating an ancient site when the Polish arkie’s shovel hits against something hard in the ground. Continue reading


Exporting objects of cultural interest if there’s no Brexit deal

If you intend sending any of your finds (coins, brooches and the like) abroad, you need to be in possession of the requisite documentation from Arts Council England (ACE). Currently two licensing schemes are in place:

  1. UK law for exports to any foreign destination;
  2. EU regulations for objects travelling outside the EU.

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The virulent anti-detectorist and anti-PAS campaigner Paul Barford asks on his pisspoor cliché-ridden blog whether we – presumably the Royal ‘We’ – have the right to know what’s really happening to our archaeological heritage under the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s watch.

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