Kismet, Hardy, et al.

Oh, how I’m loving this. It’s truly gratifying, heart-warming even, for an old sceptic like me, watching the anti-detecting brigade’s  turd polishers in full panic mode. Here they are rushing about  like headless chickens  trying to burnish both the heavily tarnished ersatz data that is Heritage Action’s widely censured ‘Artefact Erosion Counter,’ and Dr Sam Hardy’s laughable, academically slammed, anti-metal detecting research Paper.  The  fox of truth is running wild in the  henhouse of bullshit. *Update

Their collective eleventh-hour, face-saving attempts to pump any semblance of accuracy – or life even –  into the corpse of their aggressive, cock-and-bull, detecting-averse narrative is NOT of Lazarus proportions.  Their long-overdue humiliation is utterly enjoyable to watch. Their smears, propaganda, false data, and fake news, have all been spectacularly exposed.

Samples of their  turd polishing twaddle is freely available. A trip to the undistinguished Paul Barford’s  blog for example, or to the fatuous Heritage Journal’s is illuminating.  Both are pedestrian at best;  relying on  teenage angst [“it’s  soooo unfair”] in reply to critics; heavy on evangelism; and disingenuous in content. Their stab at fumigating  their matinée idol’s flawed research Paper – following its critical mauling at the hands of an internationally renowned team of distinguished heritage professionals – ain’t making it.

Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw. Large ones all round.


Why not pop over to Paul Barford’s blog and spare a thought for the old boy. It seems  he’s never heard of the maxim: When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Heh,heh, heh. Chuckle, chuckle




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