It’s so simple it’s perfection.

My adopted club, the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club, recently put together an on-line (and downloadable) metal detecting handbook. It puts out there what their club does for all to see and importantly makes an excellent reference point for landowners.

It explains everything about their club; its motives; it’s mission statement; and even has a section for would-be detectorists or those on the cusp of taking up the pastime with sound advice for the benefits of belonging to a modern, go-ahead, metal detecting club and how to get the best out of arguably the world’s greatest hobby.

The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club Handbook

It’s all the brainchild of the Club’s President, Carolyn Hawick, and Vice-President, Jim Fielding. I’m sure other clubs will follow their lead.


4 thoughts on “It’s so simple it’s perfection.

  1. Wow…thanks for the kind words, John! We are attempting to make a difference in the hobby here in the U.S. with our eventual aim to unite ALL US clubs, and form an effective federation of detectorists here in-country, and start legally quashing unreasonable, illegal, and most certainly discriminatory practices against the hobby here. Currently, we have created a written and documented training and certification program for metal detector operators here in the CFMDC…we are going to use it as a basis for our tour of local city halls as we campaign to bring back metal detecting in city and county parks. Of course, there will always be rouge detectorists, bank robbers, white collar crooks and insane “archaeologists,” whereas training, rules and regulations…and common sense..will not stop any of them. But creating best practices and training people who value, would protect and preserve history should be a step in the right direction, we hope. Thanks again, John, and wish us luck! I will send Carolyn the link to your blog…she will be pleased.


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