You could grow mushrooms on this manure…

Keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em on bullshit

The best thing that’s happened to metal detecting is the so-called Artefact Erosion Counter (AEC), more accurately, THE ARTEFACT EROSION COUNTER,  a fictional nonsense dreamed up by Heritage Journal’s Nigel Swift and others of that ilk. Why? Simple. The AEC has no basis in fact – everyone knows it – and the more its ‘facts’ are quoted by ‘experts’ so-called, who really ought to know better, the more they become a laughing stock.

Simultaneously as the numpties become the nub of countless jokes for backing not so much the wrong horse, more a donkey, the UK’s official finds database – run by the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) – is increasingly used as the most reliable finds source for research of all kinds ranging from PhD level (128) through to Masters Degrees (157).  In all, over 600 academic research projects are based on detectorists’ finds. How many similar projects based on the AEC remains unclear.

However, as the March of Archaeological Idiocy goose-steps its way towards the padded cells, just imagine the results, if the accuracy of archaeological knowledge were based on the ‘guesstimates of the kind as employed in the AEC’.  In my view, any heritologist supporting such fact-free rubbish ought to be either un-frocked, or, if he/she’s publicly funded ought to  have the purse removed. In any case, they are eligible for, and fully deserving of mockery.

Apart from the AEC  being 24-carat bullshit, its authors admit it! On its risible website, Heritage Journal comes clean in relation to the accuracy of its equally risible ‘data’: –

Since what happens in the fields is a secret known only to each individual (sic), no-one can claim any particular total of the number of artefacts removed by artefact hunters engaged in metal detecting is right or wrong and this has left the issue wide open to unsupported claims and the public open to misinformation.

Yup! We’ve been saying precisely that for many years. So, if “no-one can claim any particular total of the number of artefacts removed by artefact hunters engaged in metal detecting” on what one wonders, does HJ base its preposterous, fact-free figures? Is the “public open to misinformation”, you can bet the ranch on it. James Mellart lives!!



3 thoughts on “ You could grow mushrooms on this manure…

    • To the casual observer it may ‘sound’ impressive, but anyone with an enquiring mind soon realises the AEC puts them knee-deep in fictional bullshit. Whilst some opposed to metal detecting make airy-fairy references to it, no one yet, to my knowledge has actually come out and put their name to it. They might be ‘anti’ but they ain’t daft!!


  1. Well, that beats all…it keeps me all on pins and needles awaiting Heritage Journal’s NEXT BIG THING in the new field of “erosion counting.” Perhaps “mental erosion counting” is the next thing they can get all soap-boxy about…their own…not to put too fine a point on it. Good post, John!


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