Ha Ha!

Oh, blimey. This is too good to miss.

On the 11th April, that cerebral colossus, Prof David Gill, is unleashing another intellectual behemoth, Paul Barford, to spout about stolen antiquities and other allied bullshit. Barford of course, though not widely known amongst the hangers-on who went East during the Cold War to embrace the Soviets who bankrolled him and gave him a position in their Ancient Monument Department.

On the 11 April, Barford is giving some sort of lecture at a seminar at the University of Suffolk, courtesy of, unsurprisingly, Prof David Gill, not widely known for his support for the legitimate and wholly wholesome practice of selling and dealing in, antiquities.

A parallel might be that of Einstein asking the Janitor to endorse the Theory of Relativity.

Never mind this bogus nonsense, but who is paying for Barford to appear at this ersatz ballyhoo and indeed, how much is he being paid?


5 thoughts on “Ha Ha!

    • I reckon I’ll have to wear my Wellington boots (‘galoshes’ in the US) on the 11th as we’ll all be knee-deep in it.


  1. So the blind are now leading…and apparently paying…the dead, A good move, career-wise? Hmmm. I can just see someone’s academic tenure hanging by a thread of ancient cloth. Einstein would be proud…or maybe not…most probably not! Good post John…and the humor is tangible in this case!


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