An Old Scourge Denied?

“Why doesn’t France make it clear that people who pocket finds are not archaeologists?” whines an anonymous contributor to a smug, sanctimonious, propagandist blog. So what I wonder, would France call archaeologists who do ‘pocket’ finds? ‘Voleurs’ probably.

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 You could grow mushrooms on this manure…

Keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em on bullshit

The best thing that’s happened to metal detecting is the so-called Artefact Erosion Counter (AEC), more accurately, THE ARTEFACT EROSION COUNTER,  a fictional nonsense dreamed up by Heritage Journal’s Nigel Swift and others of that ilk. Why? Simple. The AEC has no basis in fact – everyone knows it – and the more its ‘facts’ are quoted by ‘experts’ so-called, who really ought to know better, the more they become a laughing stock.

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Ha Ha!

Oh, blimey. This is too good to miss.

On the 11th April, that cerebral colossus, Prof David Gill, is unleashing another intellectual behemoth, Paul Barford, to spout about stolen antiquities and other allied bullshit. Barford of course, though not widely known amongst the hangers-on who went East during the Cold War to embrace the Soviets who bankrolled him and gave him a position in their Ancient Monument Department.

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