Latest Result: Discrimination 1. Democracy 0.

One of the Irish Metal Detecting Society’s (IMDS) leading lights, Frank Jones, writes on their webpage…” Our main issues are access to state land such as beaches parks, waterways, forests and other state lands where many other groups already enjoy the hobby of their choice.”

Put another way, Irish detectorists are victims of discrimination as result of a small, well-connected and persuasive cadre of heritologists loyal to an agenda that’s aiming to wipe out the pastime of metal detecting across Europe.

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If you’re not in our gang you can’t play in our street…(Yeah, right!)

Many new Tekkies and even a few old hands at the game probably don’t realise ‘out there’ in the blogosphere are some exceedingly malevolent heritage types; some of whom have lost all grasp of reality; while others lack manners and civility, but all have surrendered what shreds of common decency they had and behave like hormonal teenagers who can’t get their own way. Mostly we ignore them but occasionally the extent of their puerile invective and cock-and-bull anti-collecting and detecting spin requires exposure.

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Treasure Hunting Celebrated on New Coin

In the latest issue  of new  10p coins, the Royal Mint is celebrating with 26 collectors’ edition with 10p coins each depicting a letter of the alphabet with the corresponding aspects of Britishness.  The coins all feature appealing designs, including James Bond; the famed English breakfast; and the national dish fish-and-chips; while  ‘L’ represents the Loch Ness Monster. Significantly, the  coin bearing the letter  ‘X’ however…

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