YOU too are an ¹Archaeologist!

I was recently perusing a fine, er, so-so, archaeological tome by a Tekkie named Stout, who’d written on the fly-leaf, “To John Howland,…the biggest b*********r…”. Not only does he still owe me twenty bucks, but  ♦’Barfoodles’ me to boot! Sheesh!

2,000-yr old roman dupondius found on the beach

Like it or not, we are all arkies and all arkies are treasure hunters since they earn their livings from the Past; precisely what the dimwitted gobby elements  accuse Tekkies and collectors of doing! One man’s treasure hunter is another man’s  arkie.

In any case, renowned collections and many museums owe their existence thanks to wealthy collector benefactors. Indeed, collecting is also a  great hedge against inflation.

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UKDFD – Impressive

Over on John Winter’s blog  he announces the launch of the new, revamped and updated version of the hugely successful United Kingdom Detector Finds Database (UKDFD) and reports (among other impressive and relative data ) that : –

“Well over 50,000 items have been uploaded to the database.
Around 47,000 of them have been validated and retained as permanent records.
The number of individual record-views exceeds 35 million.
At any one time, day or night, there are typically between 100 and 200 people online from around the world, making use of the database.”

These figures are  spectacular by any standards. I wish the new updated UKDFD every success and that it continues making the huge contribution to the common heritage for which this volunteer organisation is so famed. Long may it continue.

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“…a window dressing exercise in cynicism or it’s a masterpiece of incompetence.”

Now it’s ‘fake science’

The more dedicated purveyors of ‘fake’ news in the anti-collecting/detecting camp got a sharp shock by a damming report from the influential US Committee for Cultural Policy (CfCP), the content of which reinforces the facts that dealers and collectors are not the heritage villains some in the heritage circus working to private anti-collecting agendas would have the world believe. Now the rabble-rousing street-corner vendors have moved on to ‘fake’ or ‘bogus’ science, led by a couple of loutish, anti-metal detecting know-nothings, in what bears all the hallmarks of a face-saving exercise to breathe life into the corpse of conjecture (read here, fake science).

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When in Doubt – ASK!

There’s a stretch of beach close to me with a pebble and sandstone reef of such ferrous intensity that there’s hardly a metal detector able to cope with the conditions. The reef is a natural coin, relic, and jewellery trap that ensnares these items as they wash ashore on the Flood Tide; tantalisingly, a 17th century wreck lies close inshore.

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